Organic Intelligence

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Organic Intelligence Live @ Volta


Spore Mystics is a musical duo consisting of two seasoned musicians from the Amsterdam
live music & jam scene. Their music is a live & instrumental interpretation of various forms
of electronic dance music such as House, Techno & Psy-trance.
Their live sets have been described as: energetic, ecstatic & authentic.
It was somewhere around 2017 when, inspired by the vivid EDM scene in their hometown,
Frank & Azubike asked themselves the following question:
“Can a drummer & bassist duo, be as captivating on the dance floor as a DJ?”
After much experimentation, tweaking, trial and error.. Spore Mystics has finally come up
with an answer to the question that has haunted rhythm sections for so long.
Want to know the answer?
Check out their debut album “Organic Intelligence” and visit one of their live concerts for
an ecstatic experience.

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+31 6 27500228